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St Ignatius' Church
Vogue Ballroom

Matt and Natalie – Vogue Ballroom

Matt was a friend of Nat’s brother’s so when she was coming into town, he was asked to show her a good night out in the city of Melbourne. They bonded instantly and have now been together for over 10 years. 

Matt may not have been quick to propose but when he finally got around to it, boy did he do it right. He took Natalie on a romantic gondola ride on Main Beach river but because it was a Wednesday night it was supposed to throw Nat completely off. And it did! But once the reason behind the gondola ride was revealed she said yes and they started planning their wedding. 

They wanted something elegant, fun and classic so they chose Vogue Ballroom, a popular venue located in Melbourne’s south-east suburbs. 

Before the reception started though the couple strolled the city streets having their portraits taken and from that we’ve created a Wedding Highlight that’s quintessentially Melbourne, apart from the blue skies perhaps! 

Matt and Natalie, we wish you well as you sail off into the sunset (in a gondola of course, but preferably not on a Wednesday). 


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