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Coombe, Yarra Valley
Coombe, Yarra Valley

Paul and Emily – Coombe, Yarra Valley

When Paul knew it was time to take the next step with Emily, he booked a charming cottage on the Peninsula for a romantic weekend away.

Drawing Emily down by the fireplace Paul gave her a gift bag containing a hammer and a mug which read, ‘single, not desperate’. Emily had had this mug for at least ten years and it had been a long running joke that Paul would one day make her smash it. When Emily saw the hammer she instantly knew what was happening. Paul gave Emily a moment to let it all sink in before producing a beautiful engagement ring to seal the deal. They smashed the mug the next morning and Emily now has a ‘future Mrs Marks’ mug.

After reluctantly delaying their wedding due to Covid, Paul and Emily finally got married on 17 January 2021 in the picturesque Yarra Valley.

One of the things Paul was most anticipating was watching Emily walk down the aisle and it’s fair to say the moment didn’t disappoint. Paul was moved to tears as he watched “his person” walk towards him and their new life together.

During the vows Emily said, “I never thought I’d meet a man as truly matched to me as you are. I feel so very lucky”.

Being chosen as the videographer for a Yarra Valley wedding is always a treat. Paul and Emily had their reception at the stunning Coombe, Yarra Valley, which was once the home of Dame Nellie Melba.

The property features seven acres of rolling gardens surrounding the restored motor house and clock tower. It is always our pleasure to capture this truly unique cultural destination.’

Paul and Emily danced into the night with their friends and family and the disappointment of delaying their wedding was completely forgotten.

“Together there is nothing that we cannot overcome”. Paul

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