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Over the years, we’ve met some pretty amazing wedding suppliers who have inspired us to produce better work, provide exceptional service to our clients while having more fun doing it. These people have become a part of our tribe, all like-minded creatives who excel in their respective fields and embed humanity into the work they produce.

If you need to any of the below suppliers, reach out to them, they’re nice, we promise!

Paul Bonadio – A Stand-up Celebrant
Wedding Celebrant
M : 0417 502 921
Cam Grove
Wedding Photographer
M : 0410 054 827
A Lavish Affair
Wedding Planner
M : 1300 767 710
Daniel & Alexandra
Wedding Photographer
M : 0455 555 530
Aimmey Pham
Makeup Artist
M : 0432 257 895
Andrew Redman
Wedding Celebrant
M : 0411 23 6312
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