Music and Your Wedding Film Highlight

It’s an important decision, but just how do we go about choosing that perfect song for your Wedding Film Highlight? 

Wedding film highlights are pretty amazing. In just 3 minutes they are able to capture the spirit of a wedding in a way that no other medium can. It is an art form and in our case, a craft refined over many years. So how do we go about injecting a wedding highlight with the life it needs to be engaging until the very end?

There are many elements that need to come together to produce a beautiful wedding film highlight. And one we have most control over is the song choice.

A song’s job is to bring your footage to life. To help place emphasis on key moments throughout and to draw the viewer in emotionally until the very last second of your edit.

So how do we evaluate if a song is going to work? The song chosen should be more than simply a song you like the sound of. In fact, there are a number of things we look for. Whether it suits the overall tone of your wedding day and suits you as a couple. It needs to be lyrically relevant (no break up songs please!) And importantly, it needs to have the right peaks and troughs throughout to give the editor more opportunity to play with the pace of the edit.

A song should unfold in the same way a wedding day does. Each different part of your wedding day will have a different vibe that the song should match. Think the wedding preparations, to the ceremony, and finally the reception.Your wedding day is layered with emotions and the song chosen should be also.

Below is a clip that demonstrates the influence a song can have on your wedding film highlight. It is the same sequence of shots, each crafted to a very different song. A song completely different in genre and pace.

Imagine the impact then on a complete 3 minute edit.

Getting a song right for your wedding highlight is really important. It’s why we obsess over it and often spend hours searching our libraries for the perfect one. The song should not take centre stage, but instead should bring to life all that beautiful footage captured on your wedding day.



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