We love our work

At Video Boutique we don’t just shoot weddings, we love them. We love capturing the excitement of our couples getting ready for their big day, the tears of joy as vows are being exchanged, the rapturous applause as you enter the reception and of course, the energy of the dance floor action.

You are here because you know how important it is to get a wedding video. Your wedding is one of the most important events in your life and there is no better way to preserve and relive these precious memories than with a video.

Our Team

The Video Boutique team is made up of a small group of talented event filmmakers and editors. Over the years we have brought joy to hundreds of couples and families all over Australia.

Just check out the comments from some of our many happy customers and ensure to take a look at our samples in our portfolio page.

  • Wedding Videographer Melbourne

    Anthony Spiteri - Director & Videographer

    Not only one of Melbourne’s most experienced wedding videographers, with hundreds of weddings covered over the last 10 years. But also a keen percussion player, a keen traveler to places obscure and remote and a lover of the arts generally. He is also a big fan of the dance floor, cutting it up when he can with his rather unique (ahem awkward)  dance moves.

  • Wedding Videography Melbourne

    Charles - Studio Manager

    The editor extraordinaire, Charles comes to us with many talents. A passionate fiction writer, a director of short films and while not the greatest cook in the world, he makes a killer crème caramel. He has had a love affair with the art of editing for many years now and is ready and waiting to work his magic on your wedding footage.

  • Wedding Video Videographer Melbourne

    Faz - Videographer and Editor

    Faz is much loved for his big cheesy smile and for being an all-round nice guy. His video production talents go beyond merely making his subjects comfortable in front of the lens no matter how camera shy they might be. Faz, is a talented video production professional, with a natural flair for wedding videography and video editing.

  • Wedding Video Editor Melbourne

    Stefan - Editor

    Stefan comes to us with many talents, tea drinking for one, he is a dedicated editor who’s enthusiasm for weaving beautiful images together give us all immense joy. While still dubious about Charles’ renowned crème caramel, you will often find the two discussing the craft of editing. Still basking in the glory of winning best film at a famed Film Festival, Stefan is our youngest and newest recruit.

  • Wedding Video Editor

    Ellena - Editor

    Ellena is our latest recruit, we just had to keep her, she is a true romantic. She edits with a box of tissues close by and is often seen weeping at her keyboard. She brings technical brilliance to Video Boutique and a editing style that is contemporary, honest and natural.

  • Ket - Videographer

    Ket is a videographer of the elite kind who has worked all over Australia. He has aptly been nicknamed the phantom for his ability to shoot without being seen. A lover of the snow season, you will find him snow boarding down some of Australia’s most treacherous snow slopes! well that’s what he tells us anyway (what the heck do we know, we’re summer people).

  • Darin - Our design man

    Darin is our graphics man, we call on him in times of design disharmony and he has a knack for sorting us out. When not putting pen to paper doodling, he is on his bike! yes lycra and all.