Wedding videography training

Our video training courses are a way for us to give back to an industry that has given us much personal and professional satisfaction over the years. Both Anthony and Charles come from an educational background. Anthony was a Secondary Multimedia teacher for over 7 years, teaching eager teens the art of movie production, animation and design. While Charles taught video production and was head of department at a private international college and also lectured on video production at Swinburne University.


Shooting a wedding

This course digs deep into how to best prepare for a wedding day and how to go about shooting it. We will cover the gear you will need, how to prepare the schedule and most importantly, how to build a great rapport with your couple and their family and friends on the day. After completing this course, you will have a much clearer idea of best practice to ensure you get the best possible coverage for your couple.

Adobe premiere pro essentials

This course will give you a comprehensive introduction into using Premiere Pro CC . You’ll get familiar with Premiere Pro’s Interface, using keyboard shortcuts, laying out your footage onto the timeline, using sequences, and a well rounded introduction into using various Premiere Pro CC effects.

Colour grading

It’s an underrated skill, but when it comes to developing mood and style to your edit the colour grade will often break or make the edit. In this course you will first learn the process of colour correction using Adobe Lumetri, where you will develop a process for colour correcting footage from different cameras to colour match and balance. Then we move to colour grading where you will learn how to use basic techniques to develop a look and style to your edit.

Anthony Spiteri

Founder / Lover of love 

Before founding Videoboutique Anthony Spiteri was a dedicated trainer and training course writer. He eventually shifted his focus to teaching Media Studies at Secondary School level, developing teaching material that engaged students in all aspects of production from animation design to film making while fulfilling curriculum requirements. He is a perfectionist who loves the technical and creative challenges of cinematography and the challenges of capturing live events.