How Vivi and Joseph met

Back in 2009, Joseph’s aunties and uncles were running a church young adults/youth group which Vivi started attending on a whim.  From time to time she would see Joseph from afar at various events but they never really connected until Vivi made a good friend in the group who also happened to be one of Joseph’s relatives. Joe and Vivi were finally introduced and the three of them would hang out regularly and enjoy the occasional steak/parma catch up. Tragically, Vivi’s friend and Joseph’s relative suddenly passed away in 2013 and Joseph and Vivi drifted apart.

They would sometimes bump into each other at church but they were always dating somebody else so they’d say a quick hello and that would be it.

Fast forward to 2018 and after they had both emerged from long-term relationships they somehow reconnected as friends. Although they formed a close friendship, neither of them were interested in anything deeper at this point until mid-2018 when Vivi flew to Canada.

It was supposed to be a solo trip but she somehow ended up with a travel companion: Joseph! They never had an official ‘anniversary date’ as their relationship deepened gradually during the trip and they finally began officially ‘seeing each other’.

The wedding proposal

Vivi returned to Australia and the two of them embarked on a long-distance relationship. Vivi visited Joe over New Year’s 2019/2020 and attempted to learn how to snowboard. She knew how much it meant to Joe, he was already a very accomplished snowboarder, so Vivi really wanted to impress him!

Vivi’s second snowboarding lesson was at Whistler, one of the largest ski resorts in North America. Joe did his own thing while Vivi had her lesson and then tried to find her when it was finished. With limited phone service on the mountain, Joe wasn’t able to phone or call Vivi. He looked everywhere but couldn’t see her in the failing light. When he finally caught sight of Vivi snowboarding down the mountain, he flew down after her.

But it wasn’t Vivi.

By that time, it was getting dark and the gondolas were closing so Joe was stuck. He couldn’t get back up the mountain to keep looking and he had no way of phoning Vivi to see where she was. Joe knew how upset Vivi would be. He flew to the shops in Whistler Village, bought some candles, checked into their hotel room and did his best to create a romantic atmosphere.

When Vivi finally arrived sobbing back at the hotel, she was cold, miserable, and sore all over from falling down so much. It was going to take a bit more than candles to cheer her up. She she was so distressed she didn’t notice them anyway.

Then Joe dropped down on one knee.

It’s fair to say that the sobbing intensified at this point and the sore muscles were pretty quickly forgotten!

The wedding

Vivi and Joseph finally made it to the altar on 12 December 2020. The stunningly beautiful day and the endless smiles from Vivi and Joseph were a wedding videographer’s dream. It was everything a wedding should be – happy, fun and emotional. The beautiful wedding videos capture the essence of a love story that began in friendship and that continues in marriage.


From the couple:

“Videoboutique were very helpful and easy to communicate with from the get go. Our wedding had numerous changes due to the constant restrictions being announced and we were grateful with their patience and understanding throughout the whole process.
Anthony was super friendly, professional and is clearly very experienced. Thank you for being a huge part of our special day.
We really wanted someone who could capture the essence and vibe of our day and feel Videoboutique have done just that!

Would highly recommend!”



St Joseph’s Catholic Church Collingwood


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