Bryce and Talia – Vogue Ballroom

After a ten-month delay (thanks Covid), Bryce and Talia couldn’t wait for their wedding to finally happen. They wanted it to be as upbeat and energetic as possible after months in lockdown and while cherishing being surrounded by as many family and friends as possible. As their wedding videographers it was our job to capture it all.

These guys met at the farewell party of Talia’s cousin who’d decided to move to Sydney. BUT it wasn’t until this cousin got married a couple of years later that Bryce and Talia met again where sparks flew. They’ve been inseparable ever since.

The proposal was as thoughtful as Bryce himself. Talia had just completed a 16-week gym challenge which meant missing all her favourite foods. To make up for this, and to show Talia how proud he was of her, Bryce planned a surprise day out together. Talia had no idea what was coming. After a beautiful lunch, they went to the winery of their favourite winemakers and enjoyed a private tour of the cellar. They settled into a private spot with some wine and donuts and then … Bryce got down on one knee and popped the question.

The couple had enjoyed a running joke prior to this where Bryce would bend down to make Talia think he was proposing but would then just tie his shoelace. When Bryce actually proposed Talia said “you’re not tying your shoelace are you?!” He wasn’t so she said yes!

At a Jewish wedding, the couple takes part in what’s called a ‘bedeken’. Similar to a First Look, the bedeken is the veiling of the bride by her groom-to-be. It’s an intimate moment where the groom reverently covers her face with the veil and symbolizes that they are two distinct people even in marriage and that he values her inner beauty.

These guys spent a week apart in the lead up to the wedding and couldn’t wait to see each other at the bedeken. The day then proceeded in the energetic fashion the couple had hoped for and we captured it all.

Mazel Tov, Bryce and Talia!

From the couple:

“We had a great experience with Videoboutique for our recent wedding. Videoboutique were able to accommodate our date change, and we were able to iron out communication kinks along the way. Anthony was amazing to work with on the day and the end result was amazing!”



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Vogue Ballroom




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