3 years of bliss
St Mary's Catholic Church - Ascot Vale
Ascot House - Ascot Vale

Ascot House
Nicole and Anthony

Nicole and Anthony literally lived 3 minutes around the corner from each other but it took the powers of Tinder to bring them together 3 years ago. Thank you Tinder!

3 years of bliss it was finally time for Anthony to ask the big question. Anthony woke Nicole up nice and early one morning, opened the blinds and presented her with a scrapbook of lovely photos and words that he had made, with the final page asking me the big question. That was the last thing she had expected to wake up to and will never forget that feeling of surprise and so much happiness.

Their wedding was held at Ascot House in Ascot vale.  Their wedding was Classic and a had a timeless theme. A great day with a beautiful couple, thank you for having us guys,


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