Elegant, classic, timeless
Macedonian Orthodox Church of St Nikola

Luminare South Melbourne – Aleksandra and Andrew

On Andrew and Aleksandra’s third anniversary, Andrew took Aleksandra to Vue De Monde for a celebration meal. 

But this wasn’t any old anniversary dinner. Andrew had been working secretly with the staff for weeks to engineer a quiet moment to ask his love the most important question of his life. 

While taking in the views from a private balcony overlooking the city, he did. 

She said yes. 

The elegant, classic, timeless wedding that followed was everything they had hoped for. 

The reception was held at Luminare in South Melbourne which is a Melbourne wedding videographer’s dream with its high-end hints and industrial-chic. This Manhattan-inspired venue makes you feel like you’re going to emerge onto Fifth Avenue when in fact you’re only being a heartbeat away from the Melbourne city centre.

The “funny, strong and beautiful”, Aleksandra wowed in her dress and the,“funny, kind and caring”, Andrew barely took his eyes off her all day.

When we asked these two if they were including a choreographed wedding dance they said, “nope, we’re just going to wing it and hope for the best haha.” 

Salient life advice, guys. 


From the couple:

“We had a wonderful experience with the team at Videoboutique. Anthony was just lovely, caring and so experienced. We are so glad that we chose him to capture our day. I can’t tell you how many times we have watched our wedding highlight and video and just love everything about it.

Highly recommend.”


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