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Adam and Effie – Montsalvat Weddings

Effie and Adam first spotted each other on OKCupid and after a casual coffee date they both felt an immediate connection and quickly became inseparable.

When Adam knew he was ready to propose to Effie, he went to James Bond lengths to keep it a secret. The ring was ‘smuggled’ across state lines in a shoe inside a bag inside another bag and yet another bag as rumour has it that Effie is quite the ‘treasure hunter” and Adam really, really didn’t want her to find it.

Adam had always dreamed about proposing to Effie by the peninsula overlooking the ocean at Arthur’s Seat. It was where they’d taken their first trip away together and it was a really special place for both of them.

So on Christmas Eve 2018, Adam took Effie on a road trip to Arthur’s Seat. Strolling around the hill-tops they found a beautiful spot under a large oak tree overlooking the ocean. They sat down and chatted about the crazy year they’d had and pondered what 2019 would throw their way. The entire time, Adam was waiting for the moment. They were there, he was ready, but what was his cue? The always intuitive Effie then looked out into the distance and said, “You know Adam, this would be such an amazing place to propose.” That was it!

This was his cue!

With that, Adam casually got up, took out the box, got down on one knee and said, “you’re right, it is the perfect spot,” and he asked Effie to be his wife. Through tears she said yes, of course she did, and they enjoyed a beautiful Christmas together.

We loved being Adam and Effie’s wedding videographers. There’s nothing more beautiful than the love between these two, and the epic grounds of Montsalvat provided a breathtaking backdrop to their rustic, romantic, classic nuptials.  

Congratulations you two. This is your cue to live happily ever after.

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