Why You Need A Dedicated Wedding Email Account

Feb 17, 2023

Your wedding planning has begun and you’ve excitedly started sending out emails to videographers, florists, dressmakers, makeup artists, venues etc. The replies start coming in but you’ve got to sort through your bill reminders, offensive memes from Uncle Bill who’s not on Facebook, and junk mail to find them.

We know what it’s like – we’ve worked alongside over one thousand couples as they’ve organised the biggest event of their lives.

As experienced wedding industry suppliers, we’ve picked up more than a few tips to help things run smoothly. Suggesting couples create a dedicated wedding email account is just one of our many clever ‘hacks!’ A centralised account helps you to keep everything in one place while making all of your communication easy to find, organise, and share. And when the wedding is over, you won’t need to unsubscribe from email newsletters for example, you simply close the account and done!

You can contact your guests from a central point and provide them with an easy way to ask any questions. Keeping in touch about directions, parking, and special details reduces stress for everybody.

You can also use an email account as an ideas’ hub and central communication point for parents and everyone in the bridal party. Imagine sharing dress inspo with all of your bridesmaids at the same time. Or seeking recommendations for caterers, venues and photo locations from people in your inner-circle that are already married.

Many of our couples have used their names eg joelandjess@gmail.com but you can be as creative as you like with this! The name isn’t as important as the benefits a shared email account will give you.

Put five minutes aside to create a dedicated wedding email account and you’ll kick your organisation up a notch while drastically lowering your stress levels.

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