Melbourne Wedding Films

May 16, 2023

Melbourne Wedding Films

If you want more than a little “wow” in your video collection, you might like to think about a Wedding Film.

Our Wedding Films are the feature presentation, the main event, the blockbuster you’ve been waiting all summer to see. Our expert editors spin all of the beautiful visual sequences, hero shots, cultural traditions and big and small moments from your day, into a 30-minute, cinematic production with you as the stars. And the soundtrack is your all-time favourite songs!

Imagine this … you’re celebrating your 10th, 25th or 40th wedding anniversary. You put on your Wedding Film and travel back in time to your wedding day and once again experience the energy and atmosphere and hear the laughter and the music. You see your loved ones, some of them no longer with us, carving up the dance floor. You’re walking down the aisle once more, your partner’s eyes filling with tears as they see you for the first time. Your family and friends surround you again, just as they did on that day, in a celebration of your love.

That’s the power of our Wedding Films. They’re an eternal safeguard for your memories. Once we spin all the gold from your day into a 30-minute emotional viewing experience, you get to immerse yourself in your wedding afresh, again and again for the rest of your lives with your extended and future family.

That’s the value of our Wedding Films. You’ll love curling up with a bottle of wine and watching your Wedding Film right after your wedding. You’ll probably feel a strong sense of accomplishment – we did it! – and will definitely love seeing all of the decisions you made come to life. But over time your Wedding Film will become more precious than you can possibly grasp right now.

That’s the magic of our Wedding Films. You’ll enjoy your film now, but you will utterly cherish this portal to the past more and more as each year passes.

Note: While our recommended length for Wedding Films is 20-30 minutes, we can customize the length if required at no additional charge.

If you’d like more information on our Wedding Films, please admin@videoboutique.com.au