PODCAST: We speak with Felicia, our recent bride, on wedding planning and videography

Dec 12, 2018

This week we had the pleasure of chatting to one of our recent brides Felicia. And how gorgeous she is, she gives some great advice for those couples currently planning their wedding. We also chat about videography and what it means to her and Aaron and their extended family to have their wedding day all captured on video!

Felicia and Aaron got married at the beautiful Carmalite Monastery in Kew, followed by a lavish reception at Aerial Events in Melbourne. And what a night it was!

Without further ado, here’s the lovely Felicia!


Felicia: Hello, Felicia speaking.

Anthony: Hello Felicia, Anthony here. How are you going?

Felicia: Very well, thank you.

Anthony: Your wedding was a big one, and it always feels like it goes by so quickly. Tell us a little bit about it. What season, where it all took place?

Felicia: Sure, we decided to have an autumn wedding with the hopes that it wouldn’t be too hot or too cold. We were lucky enough that we ended up having the perfect weather- there was plenty of sunlight throughout the day. We got married at Carmelite Monastery in Kew, and continued our celebrations with a reception at Aerial in South Wharf for about 160 of our closest friends and family. The theme of our wedding was a classic romantic theme with more of a modern edge. Our venue at Aerial really gave us a beautiful backdrop of the Melbourne city skyline lit up. In addition, our venue had white marble, black and blue velvet and gold decor- we had a beautiful, stunning white flower hanging installation around the dancefloor, and candle centerpieces. I think that really helped us emphasize that romantic theme we were going for. That was basically the theme that we really tried to hone in on.  

Anthony: The actual monastery, what a beautiful place that is too isn’t it?

Felicia: It was amazing, It was truly breathtaking.

Anthony: It’s just an amazing space, even the nuns themselves, they created a really special atmosphere.

Felicia: Yeah they did, they were really good in meeting us beforehand and trying to ensure that everything on the day went according to plan and even the flowers that we had there and just the whole set up. We couldn’t have asked for a better place to have our ceremony- it was really magical.

Anthony: And the Aerial staff? How were they?

Felicia: They were really good to work with. In the lead up we had a number of meetings to really plan out what we wanted. Aerial is such a blank canvas, we could really do what we wanted on the day and really try to capture who Arron and I both were and I think with their assistance, we were really able to deliver that. I hope that it translated to all our guests. It was fantastic.

Anthony: The day itself, was a great day. But weddings with so much stimulus, they do go by very quickly. What is your fondest memory of your day?

Felicia: They are quite a few. I would have to say, probably the moment our string quartet at the monastery started playing my bridal entrance which happens to be my favorite Halo by Beyonce. I just remember seeing Aaron waiting and smiling at the end of the aisle and it was almost like having tunnel vision to the point where I just felt like it was just he and I at the church, it was quite magical. It just felt like  I was walking towards him and everything else was silenced. To me, that was truly one of my most favorite moments of the day. Aaron and I through the course of the day and evening, we made sure we took a few moments to really just soak it in. As you said, the day just flies past so quickly, so I think being able to actually do that and actually take a breath and look at everything around us, that was a great thing to do.

Anthony: Awesome, and then of course, weeks later you get your wedding film. Tell us a little about that experience and how you felt watching it.

Felicia: Honestly, that was absolutely incredible. I mean thank you, doesn’t even cover half of it. It was truly amazing to be able to relive every emotion of that again, especially watching it with our families and bridal party. It was amazing to see lot of moments we didn’t even realize had happened or occured, shown on our highlight and wedding film. It was so lovely to be able to relive that and i guess we were just completely in awe of how incredibly well it was put together, the attention to detail and honestly cannot thank you enough for giving us that lifetime of memories that we can treasure forever. So thank you so much again.

Anthony: The final question- you’ve been through the journey of organizing a wedding and it can at times be challenging obviously, because there’s so many decisions to be made. Now that you’ve got the experience, what are some tips you can offer to other brides or couples going into this?

Felicia: Sure, i would definitely, and I’ve said this to a lot of people I know that are getting married- definitely do not go past having a wedding videographer. On the day you get so caught up thinking about about all your suppliers and things that are going to help create your magical day. After investing in so many suppliers, have a wedding videographer, that’s the only supplier you can truly walk away with and have something in return which is that lifetime of memories that you can watch over and over again. Its the best money Aaron and I could have possibly spent as part of our wedding day and I strongly encourage all couples to definitely have a wedding videographer- just to capture those special moments, which are truly priceless, that would be my number one tip.

Anthony: Any other tips, more on the practical side of things?

Felicia: I think for one, just in terms of finding suppliers, do your research- really read up reviews. I took to instagram and pinterest and I saw some inspiration. Just making sure you do your research so you know what you’re getting. Another thing is, on the day you can get so caught up with trying to think of what others would like and it can be a bit of a whirlwind. Sometimes you forget to stay true to what it is that you and your partner really set out to capture on your special day,. So keeping true to what you want and trying not to get caught up with what everyone else wants around you, or what you think their expectations are, just making sure its about you and your partner. I think that’s the most important thing. Enjoy the process, its such a whirlwind and is so overwhelming,somehow you just forget to have fun and i think really taking a step back and take it all in. The planning, sometimes i just as much as as on the actual day. Everyone just gets caught up in the stress of it all so try to enjoy every element of the wedding planning.

Anthony: Thank you so much Felicia! Appreciate it,

Felicia: Thank Anthony, take care.