Why you really should have a professional MC at your wedding

Oct 19, 2018

So you’ve spent months planning your wedding, have fussed over every detail and now you’re leaving the running of the wedding night to your friend? We’ve shot over a 1000 weddings in our 10 years in the industry, and unfortunately we seen it way to often. A night that should have been lively and fun, turns flat because the MC was not experienced enough to run the show!

An MC is more than just an entertaining guy on stage with a mic. The MC should liaise with the wedding planners and event coordinators as well as the venue, entertainment, photographers, videographers etc. to ensure the whole event goes smoothly. They help with time management between activities – eg, cake cutting, dancing, meals. But most importantly, the MC helps set the mood for your big night, ensuring it’s memorable for all the right reasons!  

Here’s 5 reasons why you should hire a professional MC for your wedding;



  • Your friends and family will be grateful


Let’s be real, your guests just really want to have fun. Most friends and family members aren’t fully comfortable engaging with a large crowd, especially when there’s a timeline to follow or vendors to coordinate with. So let them chill, party and drink with everyone else at the reception.


  1. Let the professionals do their job

Ask yourself this, would you employ your friend/family member to cater the food at your reception? Most likely, you would NOT because you know it takes a special skill to do that (unless it’s someone who already does it for a living). The same principles apply for an MC. A reception has a lot going on, such as technical issues or delays; an MC has to know how to react to these “surprises” and keep the evening running smoothly without anyone knowing something went wrong. A friend or family member may not be accustomed  to the stress and many times it shows on the microphone. A professional MC understands how everything works and flows and can come up with a plan B quickly!

  1. Keeps the communications open

Your wedding MC is responsible for engaging with everyone involved in the reception. What distinguishes an experienced MC from your cousin or best mate, is the ability to connect with everyone personally. Whether that’s with a guest or a vendor, a professional MC knows exactly how to talk to them.

  1.  Organisation is key

Professional MC’s meet with you and cover the entire celebration in detail, ensuring all the crucial details are covered. They suggest timelines and ways to make the celebrations more unique. This organisation carries throughout the night as they have a clear vision of how the evening should run and what your expectations are. They work closely with the wedding planning/coordinator to ensure a smooth flow. They also ensure that the guests know the order of the events. How many times have you attended a reception and people came back into the room in the middle of a speech? A professional MC will invite guests to take their seats and ensure the bridal party, speakers and key family members are in the room before speeches begin.

  1. Finding the balance

A professional MC understands the important balance between performing the formal duties and adding humour and energy to the party.  They will ensure that your guests have lots of laughs and this will include spontaneous humor plus tasteful material about the bride and groom.

A professional MC at your wedding certainly takes a lot of the pressure off you both in terms of management and preparation. If you’re unsure about who to hire, contact us today and we’ll recommend you one! With love, Videoboutique.