Should I get a videographer for my wedding?

May 1, 2015

Why You Need Videographer For Your Wedding

Most couples are quite certain they are going ahead with a professional photographer on the onset of their wedding planning and allocate funds to do so. After all, this is a once in a life time event and should be appropriately documented. For over a hundred years photography has been the best way to capture precious moments. With the advent of Super 8 and VHS Video, when the technology of capturing the moving image was in its infancy, most couples didn’t even recognise the potential of having someone film their special event. Old habits die hard and even now, with high resolution digital technology at an affordable price, some couples still do not appreciate the importance of a well shot video. We all know how important it is to capture our precious memories – so why is there so much indecisiveness toward hiring a videographer? At Video Boutique – we often hear couples who have come to us because one of their family/friends regretfully didn’t get a wedding video to relive their special day.

So why is video so important anyway?

Let me give you a personal insight.

My mother hated wearing glasses, and on her wedding night she decided not to wear them. This is back in the day when there was no such thing as contact lenses. My uncle was a budding super 8 enthusiast and, lucky for me, he decided to shoot some footage at our parents wedding. I have seen that black and white grainy video several times now. When guests lifted my parents at the reception you can see my mother struggling to find my father and the relief on her face when they finally hug. It’s a cute, tender moment that the whole family now cherishes; a moment that would have been lost as a photo.
Photos, as beautiful as they are, are only frozen moments in time, lifeless apart from what you bring to them in memories. With photos you do not hear the laughter, the vows and the applause, the joyful energy of the dance floor, you do not engage with the stories that make up the speeches. Couples often forget that the event that makes up that one special day is not just made of stills, but also of sounds and movement.
The moving image when captured by talented videographers and crafted by editors with a good eye for detail and an artistic flair, is special. In time you will want to experience your wedding as it happened and video is the best way to do so. If you are currently planning your wedding and have not yet allocated funds for a videographer, here is a few good reasons why we at Video Boutique think you should do so:

Generations to come will cherish your wedding

If you had the opportunity to see your grandparents or parents getting married, wouldn’t you love to see it? Seeing my parents in their wedding video gave me an insight into my parent’s life that would not have been possible to see any other way. For many of us, the opportunity to capture your close friends and loved ones with a professional videographer only happens once in a lifetime. And it takes a skilled practitioner to capture beautiful footage you’ll be proud to share with your family and friends.

There is no reason to be camera shy

There is no reason to be afraid of the camera, because your videographer is there for you, and is hired to capture you in the best possible way. Some videographers will give you an opportunity to view the work before it is finalised. At Video Boutique we provide you with a preview disk, so you can view the work in your own time and at your own pace. This ensures you get to see it before anyone else does and therefore take out any footage you don’t like.

Weddings in all their splendour

Wedding video productions have evolved significantly in the last 5 years; gone are the days of the long dreary productions. Today, wedding films come in different formats and professional videographers will provide a number of edits to suit every purpose. Your day can be edited down to the length of a song so you can relive the highlights of the day in one short clip. This clip captures the energy and excitement of your wedding and is well suited for sharing with family and friends online (You can view samples of this type of edit here: Wedding Video Portfolio). Then there is the extended version, which can be up to 45 minutes in length or more. This edit is ideal for a night in with your family and friends, where together you’ll enjoy reliving the day as it unfolded.

For those people he couldn’t make it to your special day

You may have relatives overseas, interstate, or too old to attend your celebration, then a wedding video is the perfect way for them to experience your event.

There will be many moments you’ll miss

One thing is certain – the day will pass in a blur and the next morning you will both wake up feeling like you’ve missed out on something, because let’s face it, you can’t possibly be everywhere at once. For example, the groom won’t see his bride getting ready in the morning, nor will the bride see the groom nervously waiting for her to arrive at the ceremony. Most married couples will tell you, that you spend so much time trying to catching up with everyone that you never quite get a sense of the whole celebration. So after months of planning, and all the money spent, it’s reassuring to have it all documented on a video.
If you’re still not sure, then our advice at Video Boutique is to just do it, because you will never get another opportunity to record this most special occasion.
I’m glad my uncle did.