MeetThe Team

Wedding Videographer Anthony

Anthony Spiteri

Director & Videographer

Not only one of Melbourne’s most experienced wedding videographers, with hundreds of weddings covered over the last 10 years.

But also a keen percussion player, a keen traveler to places obscure and remote and a lover of the arts generally. He is also a big fan of the dance floor, cutting it up when he can with his rather unique (ahem awkward) dance moves.

Charles studio manager


Studio Manager

The editor extraordinaire, Charles comes to us with many talents. A passionate fiction writer, a director of short films and while not the greatest cook in the world, he makes a killer crème caramel.

He has had a love affair with the art of editing for many years now and is ready and waiting to work his magic on your wedding footage.



Stefan comes to us with many talents, tea drinking for one.
He is a dedicated editor who’s enthusiasm for weaving beautiful images together give us all immense joy.

While still dubious about Charles’ renowned crème caramel, you will often find the two discussing the craft of editing.

larissa wedding video editor



Larissa comes all the way from Brazil. She’s been editing weddings for five years, ever since she graduated with an audiovisual degree in Brazil. Along with her attention to detail and her ear for picking the right music for each edit, she also brings some of the most incredibly tasty Brazilian dishes for lunch, which she cooks herself.

Anu Wedding Videography Studio Admin Marketing officer


Client Liaison

Anu is our super cheery and totally organised Client Liaison Officer. She works to a to do list and keeps us all in check and we adore her for it. She loves fine food, a good Instagram feed, and doesn’t shy away from a shopping spree!

wedding videographer Melbourne



Cristian is one of the most patient and relaxed guys around and has a talent for anticipating those beautiful candid moments between couples and their loved ones. Having worked across South America in some leading production studios how comes to us with a host of technical skills and knowledge.

wedding videography Melbourne - Dena



Dena comes to us with years of wedding videography experience, having shot weddings all over Australia and New Zealand. She has a knack for making anyone camera shy feel relaxed and themselves in her presence.