European wedding extravagance

European weddings are quite the celebration. Tradition is often reflected through the wedding ceremony itself, followed by the food, music and most importantly, the family at the reception.

Along the way, Videoboutique will capture every aspect of the extravagance. From your beautiful love story, to the family, fun and laughter. Your wedding videography will be a true reflection of your day.

Peninsula Docklands Wedding Videography, Michael and Sylvie

Vintage, upbeat vibe

Campbell Point House, Kim & Anthony, Wedding Videography

Elegant & sophisticated vibe

Campbell Point House, Melissa and Thomas, Wedding Videography

Dreamy & Elegant wedding

Peninsula Docklands, Kasom and Giuliana, Wedding Videography

Upbeat & modern vibe

Botanical Gardens, Carmine and Joanne, Wedding Videography Melbourne

Upbeat and uplifting vibe

The Hotel Windsor, Marianne and John, Wedding Videography Melbourne

Quirky edit with voice-over