Happy and fun wedding celebrations

A fun and happy wedding celebration is not complete without beautifully crafted wedding videography.

Videoboutique will capture your wedding celebration not only from ceremony to reception, but every joyous moment along the way. From every smile, laugh or even glance, you wont have to worry about a thing. We will capture the very essence of your wedding day and its overflow of both love and happiness.

Kevin and Trinh, Wedding Videography Melbourne

Super playful & fun Vietnamese wedding

Merricks North Retreat- Wedding Videography

Boho-chic inspired wedding

Point Lonsdale Wedding, Michael and Jenny, Wedding Videography Melbourne

Quirky Edit with voice-over

Brunswick Wedding, Manoa and Catalina, Wedding Videography Melbourne

Dreamy, indie vibe

New Years Eve Wedding, Rachael and David, Videography Melbourne

New Year's Eve Wedding

Leonda by the Yarra, Ciao and Cindy, Wedding Video Melbourne

Quirky edit with tea ceremony